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Unparalleled experience delivering transactions in the Information Age


New: Symmetry's M&A Tech Report


The outlook for Technology, Media & Telecoms M&A is better than ever before. 

So take the edge.


These are exciting times for Technology, Telecoms & Media businesses. All over the world, organisations are investing more into data management, communications & infrastructure than ever before.

Commercial enterprises are taking advantage of Cloud Hosting, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Software-as-a-Service providers to enhance both the service they deliver to their customers and shareholder returns.

Developments in Telematics and the roll out of 5G Networks will take the Internet Of Things market to new levels of innovation, impact and growth. Mobile communication tools & services that were ground breaking yesterday and are depended on today will play a key role in this evolving eco-system.

Publishers & broadcasters are diversifying their revenue streams with the same levels of creativity that they are putting into their content portfolios and utilisation of digital platforms.

Marketing & Financial Tech Firms are working across the entire business environment, disrupting preconceptions and challenging the established order

And M&A activity and direct investment in the sector are fuelling research & development, new partnerships and entrepreneur benefits at unprecedented levels.

Symmetry have years of experience taking advantage of this dynamic market to maximise shareholder return for our clients.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to learn what this could mean for the capital value of your business.

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