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Our Mergers & Acquisitions advisory service ensures shareholder returns are always at the heart of the agenda.

Merging your business with another or embarking on an acquisition process can transform two separate businesses into a single entity which is profoundly more valuable than the sum of it's parts. But only if you get the strategy, planning and execution exactly right. 

As a leading M&A Firm, Symmetry Corporate Finance help businesses and their owners define precisely what needs to be done and how to do it to make sure your merger or acquisition goes off without a hitch. And increases shareholder value all round.

It's a complex process, whatever the size & profile of your business. Symmetry's strategic & transaction expertise will reliably deliver the outcomes that you need:

  1. Identifying a counterparty with clear & quantified synergies

  2. Attributing value to the independent & merged entities, with clear & diligently stress tested financial models

  3. Entering discussions & negotiating terms to establish shareholder returns and capital structure 

  4. Transaction management, through due diligence and finalised contracting

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and advice on taking your growth objectives from strategy to reality.

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