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Marketing & Transaction Processes for Manufacturing & Engineering Businesses that deliver the goods.  Time after time.

New: Symmetry's M&A Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) Report

Demand for Industrial business acquisitions remains strong, driven by a combination of global economic growth and direct investment strategies.

The British Industrials sector has become synonymous with quality, efficiency, reliability & innovation. Not to mention being equally respected & adept in every vertical. Aeronautics, Automotive, Biological & Chemical, Defence, Electronics and all types of hardware are all thriving, with major players looking to invest in the right company.

Your business may be prototyping or designing in solutions to meet your customers' high-spec criteria. Perhaps your supporting consultancy helps them to anticipate regulatory needs & opportunities or maintain their edge in the marketplace.

You may be expert at tooling, engineering & production - doing what you do better than your customers ever could, enabling supply line efficiencies and delivering a phenomenal service in the process.

Or you might design, manufacture and distribute products under your own brand.

Of course, many businesses do some or all of the above, even as they specialise in what they do best.


But what is ultimately important, is that when you take the step to sell or take on an investment, you ensure that you move forward with confidence that you will achieve the best possible price & terms.  With Symmetry, you know you are working with an advisor who has been down the road many times and knows how to secure your individual objectives. 

We know that your brand is as important (and valuable) as the goods you sell or the numbers on your financial statements. 

We know how to secure offers that you can count on and that recognise the future value of your business post-transaction.

Call Symmetry today for a free, no obligation consultation to ensure you don't risk leaving value on the table.

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