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Discover All The Possible Routes To Exiting A Business
& How To Take Control Of Your Future

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How Will You Exit Your Business?

If, like most business founders & owners, your exit preference would be to sell your company, it is never too early to start preparing, whether you plan to exit in 1, 5 or 10 years.

Every business owner owes it to themselves to look ahead at the factors which will ensure that the ultimate sale of their company fully delivers the well deserved rewards they have worked so hard for.

Symmetry Corporate Finance know those factors not just in principle, but how they work in practice. That's because we have sold many companies over many years and have developed matchless knowledge that we want to share with you.


We know from experience that you must understand and effectively manage the full set of considerations that will determine whether you achieve optimum value & terms from the sale process.

All these considerations have answers that are unique to you and your business. Symmetry can answer them all with our proven Exit Planning service.


If you want to set the terms and timing when you sell your business, contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

Free Business Valuation & Exit Planning Service

This absolutely free, zero obligation, tailored session is customised to you and your business to answer commonly asked questions including:

What is the value of my business today?

What's involved in a sale process and how long does it take?

What's the market like for selling businesses in my sector now?

How should I prepare for a sale?

How can you ensure you maximise value and get the best possible price & terms out of the the process?


Included in Your Exit Planning Session:

1. An opportunity to explore with a Corporate Finance / M&A Professional which of the 8 Ways To Exit Your Business is right for you. And when & how to achieve it.

2. Learn the ‘desktop valuation’ methods that acquirers will apply to your business today and the two proven strategies which, when followed together, will result in a far higher valuation than you would achieve through any other means. Often double or triple that initial ‘desktop’ valuation.

3. Discover the full range of buyer-types for your business.  

Including multiple acquirers who are probably not in your world today but can add significant value in a sale process.

4. Find out the specific, immediate actions you can take in your business to enhance the saleability, attractiveness and investment value of your company today.

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