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Take the risk out of your business sale with Symmetry.

Developments in Insurtech and the regulatory environment are continuing to drive sector demand and valuations.

Britain's Insurance sector has long been the bedrock of our economy.  By enabling businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers to reduce financial exposure in their personal lives and the marketplace, Insurance companies like yours make all kinds of commercial ventures and financial transactions possible.


Cars, homes, travel, organisations and businesses of every type & scale are all dependent on Insurance services & products tailored to their specific needs.

At Symmetry, we know that the diverse specialisms within the sector are part of it's strength.  Your business may be operating as a Coverholder, Broker or Managing General Agent working with a Lloyds syndicate. Or you may work with a larger corporate underwriter. Of course, Claims Management firms and Insurance Technology businesses are vital players too.

An equally diverse array of acquirers & investors are seeking to consolidate their own positions in the market, creating a significant opportunity for SME & Mid-Market Insurance business owners right now. However it is critical that, should you want to take this opportunity, you do not risk leaving value on the table. That's why Symmetry create a market of bidders for our clients' businesses and manage the entire transaction process. So our clients can be assured that all their unique value drivers will be reflected in the price & terms, generating the premium they deserve.

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation to unlock the full value for your business.

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