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Achieve Maximum Value and Accomplish Your Goals with Symmetry

You're not just getting our service.  

You're getting our experience.

Selling your business will be the highest value, most important transaction of your life. And you will only have one shot to get it right. So it is crucial you take the right steps & advice to ensure you achieve maximum value in the market and deal terms that fully reflect your objectives.


If you’re ready to find out how to sell your business, then you’re in the right place. Symmetry partner with UK business owners every step of the way on this exciting journey. Contact the team in Basingstoke and discover the best way to sell your business. 

Symmetry's Fully Managed Service

When you sell your UK business with Symmetry Corporate Finance, we systematically deliver on each step necessary to deliver the results you want to achieve from the sale. Every engagement is tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client.

In doing so we work through three phases:

1. Pre-Market Advisory & Production

In this phase, we gain a thorough understanding of your company & your goals, including the business financials, commercial & operating model and readiness for a due diligence process. Then we give advice and take actions to enhance the value and saleability of your business. In this phase, we also prepare a full list of qualified acquirers and produce all the necessary marketing documentation.

2. Marketing & Negotiation

Next, we proactively generate a market of interested acquirers, maintaining confidentiality throughout. This involves outreach to decision makers, discussions, meetings and a competitive bidding process. We then negotiate terms to transact exclusively with the right buyer for you & your company.

3. Transaction Management

Entering into a transaction with your ideal purchaser, will include both a confirmatory due diligence process and final contracting. It can be a complex process, requiring the involvement of a number of professionals, lawyers & accountants. Symmetry project manage the entire process and look after your interests at every stage, right through to completion and funds flow.


(You may already have an interested acquirer who you feel sure is right for you. We can support with a Transaction Management only service to support & enhance your deal.)

Our fees are based on deliverables, outputs & results. To find out how we can tailor our services to match you & your business's requirements, please contact us today. We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can discuss valuation & timeframes specific to you.

How do I sell my UK business? 

At Symmetry, our range of services has been developed to empower UK business owners to have greater control and visibility while they sell their businesses. Working closely with our experienced team, we support you the whole way to ensure that you get the most effective business sale’s plan in place.

If you’re ready to begin your business sale journey and want to find out more about selling a business in the UK as well as how to get started selling your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team in Basingstoke today. 


Take control of your future.

On your terms.

Safe Hands

With a great track record comes great opportunity.

Our Clear Priority.


Our work is about more than a set of values. It's a calling.

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