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If your services are exceptional, your deal should be too.

Don't let growth in service sector investment pass you by.

The Professional Services & Finance sector in Great Britain today has established it's reputation as the best in the world through attracting, developing & retaining talent. And then driving towards ever higher standards of service and effectiveness. After all, what do accountancy firms, marketing agencies, law firms, training businesses and environmental consulting companies all have in common? People. Or more precisely, qualified, experienced & committed people. So the team you have built will have value which must be recognised in your deal.

But that's only one piece of the capital puzzle. Of course reported earnings matter.  But your proprietary technology and innovations will also be pivotal in obtaining maximum value in any sale or investment process.


There will also be further specific value drivers and leverage the pertain to your particular business.  For instance, wealth management advisors must ensure that the counterparty to their transaction has committed to full value for funds under influence and management, as well as their aggregate fee base.

At Symmetry, our clients work with us because we achieve price & terms for their shareholdings which reflects the future earnings of their business under new ownership and investment. That's because we understand all the valuation drivers in the sector - and know how to leverage them.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to take the first steps towards your goals.

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