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Free Business Valuation & Exit Planning Session

This absolutely free, tailored session is customised to you and your business to answer commonly asked questions including:

What is the value of my business today?

What's involved in a sale process and how long does it take?

What's the market like for selling businesses in my sector now?

How should I prepare for a sale?

How can you ensure you maximise value and get the best possible price & terms out of the the process?

See Below for What's Included


Included in Your Exit Planning Session:

1. An opportunity to explore with a Corporate Finance / M&A Professional which of the 8 Ways To Exit Your Business is right for you. And when & how to achieve it.

2. Learn the standardised ‘desktop calculation’ valuation methods that acquirers will apply to your business today and the two proven strategies which, when followed together, will result in a far higher valuation than you would achieve through any other means. Often double or triple that initial ‘desktop’ valuation.

3. Discover the full range of buyer-types for your business.  

Including multiple acquirers who are probably not in your world today but can add significant value in a business sale process.

4. Find out the specific, immediate actions you can take in your business to enhance the saleability, attractiveness and investment value of your company today.

Exit Session Booking Form


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Why are you doing this?


Two reasons:


  1. As part of fulfilling our mission to bring the best possible Corporate Finance Service and M&A Advisory service to founders & owners of privately owned SME & Mid-Market businesses in the UK.

  2. To get to know a wider range of entrepreneurs with the hope of doing business with them at some point in the future.


How can you afford to do this for free?


By strictly limiting the offer to just 4 sessions per month.


How can you be so sure that your advice will substantially increase the sale value and/or ensure the terms of my business exit are favourable to me?


Because we have implemented our strategies with many clients and businesses in multiple sectors over many years and seen clients gain the benefits first hand. We will be delighted to share examples & case studies with you.


What’s involved?


  1. A short phonecall with one of our Directors to share an overview of your business (business model, objectives, performance overview).

  2. A strategic presentation/workshop in the format of your choosing (Webex / Meeting in Person) to share our findings & advice with you.


Do I get a copy of the strategic presentation?




I’m not looking to Exit my business any time soon, but I am interested in exploring the possibilities. Can I still receive a free Exit Strategy Session?


Yes. As long as you are a key stakeholder & shareholder in an established, privately owned business SME or Mid-Market business we will be pleased to work with you (subject to exceptional exclusions*)


Do I need to sign anything or make any other commitments?


No. There is no obligation on you other than to provide the high-level inputs necessary for us to assess and develop a tailored strategic presentation for you.


How can you guarantee my confidentiality?


We will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on request.


How do I book mine?


Enter your details to book that initial call in the online form above.

*Symmetry Corporate Finance Ltd reserve the right not to work with clients where there is evidence of illegal or suspicious activity, distribution of offensive material or if we believe your company is not of a profile that would benefit from our services.

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