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Symmetry deliver the surest, fastest, highest value route to achieving your business sale & acquisition goals.

Every time.

We are a Corporate Finance and M&A advisory boutique serving clients across the entire United Kingdom.


Tailoring our fully managed service around each business owner's needs & objectives, we have the solution wherever you are in the sale process. Whether you are in the early stages of planning, have an offer on the table or anywhere in between.

Symmetry was founded with a clear premise. To provide the highest standard of Corporate Finance service to every business owner, whether they own a Small/Medium Enterprise or a larger Mid-Market business.

We know from experience that the way a marketing & transaction process is planned and carried out will have a profound effect on the ultimate outturn for shareholders. A rudimentary brokering approach simply will not do if you want to achieve the best possible price & terms the market has to offer.

That's why we go beyond market norms with people, systems & innovations that will deliver outcomes you cannot get anywhere else.

Contact us today to find out what this means for you & your business.

What we do

The Symmetry team provide business sale and associated advisory & support services, focussing first and foremost on understanding each client's business, current circumstances and objectives.

We then provide a fully managed service which encompasses and delivers on those requirements, from pre-market planning & advisory, through to transaction execution.

Learn more about our services:

1. Business Sales

2. Exit Planning

3. Management Buy Outs

4. Mergers & Acquisitions

5. Divestments

6. Valuation/Exit Review

Or explore some recent case studies on our Transactions page.


We Create Wealth For Our Clients & One Another

We Are Committed to Excellence in Everything We Do

We Are Financially Responsible

Cloud High Aspirations

The timing has never been better for SaaS businesses to achieve maximum value.

Never Knowingly Undersell

Consumer & Retail businesses have more opportunity in the M&A market than ever before.

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