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The 8 Ways That Founders & Owners Exit Their Businesses. Always.

For owners of private businesses, there is only one absolute certainty in their journey. Every single one will exit their shareholding & company at some point.

The question is how?

And who will decide the terms & timing?

In our new, comprehensive report we have detailed all eight routes to exit. Some of these lead to a prosperous, well funded & well earned next step in a manner of the owner's choosing, be that retirement or a new venture. Others can be much more difficult for the shareholders and/or their families.

We have detailed the conditions & consequences of all them. If you own a business in any capacity, which are you headed towards right now?

The good news is that with some strategic forethought, planning and implementation, every business owner can put themselves on course towards their exit of choice.

Something to reflect on over Christmas perhaps.

You can get your free, authoritative, insightful and often surprising report on all 8 Routes To Exit at:

Happy Reading!

Jonathan Tate

December 2019

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