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Achieve Maximum Value and Accomplish Your Goals with Symmetry

You're not just getting our service.  

You're getting our experience.

Selling your business will be the highest value, most important transaction of your life.  And you will only have one shot to get it right.  So it is crucial you take the right steps & advice to ensure you achieve maximum value in the market and deal terms that fully reflect your objectives. Those steps include understanding the critical success factors which must all be in place to ensure the sale of your business matches your aspirations.  Symmetry Corporate Finance partner with business owners every step of the way on this exciting journey.


Keys to Successfully Maximising Value:

1) Clearly Defined Shareholder Objectives

2) Effective Planning & Preparation

3) Confidentiality Controls

4) A Pro-active Sale Process that generates, leverages & maintains a competitive bidding environment throughout

5) Deal terms negotiated in line with Shareholder Objectives

6) Maintain momentum of both the transaction and trading

When you choose to sell your business with Symmetry Corporate Finance, we will work with you to systematically deliver on each of these to maximise the value you will receive.


Of course, it is important that your confidentiality and the integrity of your business and values remains secure throughout. That's why we have developed systems & controls that create a competitive market of qualified acquirers in which we can operate with full confidence that our client's confidentiality is paramount, from the first steps of exploring options, right through to the completion of the transaction.

We know that our clients work with us because we achieve price & terms for their shareholdings which reflects the future earnings of their business under new ownership and investment. It's a responsibility we take seriously.

Our advice & support encompasses all aspects of the process, including financial analysis, strategic planning, production of  marketing materials, identifying & bringing qualified purchasers to the table, negotiation of value, terms & deal structures and managing the transaction process.

To find out how we can tailor our services to match you & your business's requirements, please contact us today. We offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can discuss valuation & timeframes specific to you.

Free Business Valuation & Exit Planning Session

This absolutely free, one to two hour tailored session is customised to you and your business to answer commonly asked questions including:

What is the value of my business today?

What's involved in a sale process and how long does it take?

What's the market like for selling businesses in my sector now?

How should I prepare for a sale?

How can you ensure you maximise value and get the best possible price & terms out of the the process?


Included in Your Exit Planning Session:

1. An opportunity to explore with a Corporate Finance / M&A Professional which of the 8 Ways To Exit Your Business is right for you. And when & how to achieve it.

2. Learn the ‘desktop calculation’ value that acquirers will apply to your business today and the two proven strategies which, when followed together, will result in a far higher valuation than you could ever achieve through any other means. Often double or triple that initial ‘desktop’ valuation.

3. Discover the Top Ten Buyers for your business.  Including multiple acquirers who are probably not in your world today but can add untold value in an acquisition process.

4. Find out the specific, immediate actions you can take in your business to enhance the saleability, attractiveness and investment value of your company today.

Safe Hands

With a great track record comes great opportunity.

Our Clear Priority.


Our work is about more than a set of values. It's a calling.

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